Defining the Future of the Customer Service Experience in 2015 and Beyond

66% of consumers switched brands or business due to poor customer service in 2013 according to the Accenture Global Consumer Pulse Survey.

82% of those who switched said the brand could have done something to stop them. Primarily first contact resolution.

It’s been a notable and remarkable year for customer service, from CEO’s declaring they are "going all in” on customer service to companies launching 24/7 “Mayday” webcam video support. As it becomes more and more challenging for organizations to compete on price, quality, or value, business leaders find themselves asking "what next?" The quest for opportunities to differentiate has led many to focus on one factor: providing exceptional service.

We want to hear from you on what you believe will define the future of customer service in 2015 and beyond.

  • What best practices must a company follow to stay on top of their customer success?

  • Which trends will we see as the customer service industry continues to quickly advance?

  • What are your favorite statistics that prove a positive customer experience matters now more than ever before?

A new year means new innovations and ideas. Start the discussion by leaving a comment below or share with the community on Twitter using the hashtag #CustServ2015. 

We’ll share our favorite tips, trends and customer service resolutions in an upcoming blog post on our Customer Success Matters Blog!