How TireBuyer Increased Their Sales Revenue per Visitor by 13% In Only a Few Weeks

Some consumer products require a bigger and longer thought process in regards to purchases than others. One example of these products are tires. Reaching 2.6 billion units in sales in 2016, tires are an integral part of almost everyones daily life whether they own a car or not, yet they aren't often acknowledged until its time for replacements.

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11 Changes That Are Revolutionizing The Customer Support World

New technology and higher customer expectations are rapidly changing the game for customer service and the customer experience. The short version? Digital is taking over and customers want more, faster. If you want to meet the needs of your customers and stay ahead of the competition, then, you have to prepare for these changes and understand how they will impact your business and your job. Let’s break it down.

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B2B Buyers Don't Want to Talk to You. They Want a Frictionless Self-Service Experience.

Once upon a time, interpersonal interaction was the key to many successful business strategies. But today, things have changed. People’s first demand isn’t interpersonal interaction—it’s convenience.

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5 Best Practices for Providing Customer Self-Service with a Full-Service Feel

From banking to bill paying, self-service is the new norm. Consumers are increasingly being empowered to do almost anything themselves online, from checking prices to checking in at the airport. Where there’s a will, consumers want a way, and that includes procuring their own customer service.

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Chatbots are Revolutionizing Customer Service

Customer support is rapidly changing. What is next in the world of customer support? In a word – Chatbots. Messaging platforms are already wildly popular for peer-to-peer interaction on mobile. Between Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp (both owned by Facebook), there are over 2 billion users on both platforms. Facebook is now developing Messenger as a B2C support channel and already thousands of brands have launched chatbots on Messenger channels.  

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60% of Traffic But Only 16% of Sales: Solve the Mobile Web Challenge for Good

The mobile industry is booming and more people than ever are visiting online retailers via their mobile devices. During Q2 of 2016 alone, smartphones accounted for nearly half of all traffic to eCommerce sites, a 10% increase from Q2 of 2015. Overall, more than 50% of traffic to leading US websites today comes from mobile devices, and global statistics on consumer mobile usage and adoption forecast mobile traffic to increase ten-fold by 2017.

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The Future of Intelligent Self-Service Technology

Bill Colleran, AnswerDash CEO interviews CX Expert Shep Hyken to hear his many insights into customer service and learn what trends he predicts for self-service.

I recently connected with CX Expert Shep Hyken to hear his many insights into customer service and learn what trends he predicts for self-service. Check out the interview to see what you can apply to your business! 

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5 Questions to Test Your Web Engagement Savvy

Ever since the inception of the internet, one of the most popular ways to measure how successful a website is, is through page views. One would think that the more page views a website has, the more successful a website is.

However, using page views to count popularity doesn’t tell companies about whether customers are engaged in the website or not. While a lot of customers can be attracted to a website and will go and view it, it doesn’t always mean that they will stay on the page.

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Why Zendesk Isn’t Enough and How to Make It More Powerful with Contextual Self-Service

More Really Is Better

Have you ever played that game where you’re forced to pick only one item to have with you on a desert island? No matter what you pick, one item isn’t going to cut it. Eventually, you know you’ll grow sick of whatever it is and wish desperately for something else.

The immortal Aretha Franklin wrote Chain of Fools with just a single chord. She alone can pull off such a feat. Even Bob Dylan famously said what he needed to make a hit was “three chords and the truth.” For most of us, three is indeed better than one.

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The Intersection Between Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction

Think about your experience as a customer. You probably remember the times you were really unsatisfied, and the times that things went really well. If people don’t have a good experience, it affects how they feel today, as well as all future experiences. They’re probably less likely to come back as a customer. 

But there are things that companies can do to directly impact how customers feel—even if something didn’t go well.  

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