2017 - Shaping the Future of Customer Experience

Delivering a positive experience is the route to increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, trust and advocacy. VoiceSage’s John Duffy looks at how organisations are using technology to push the customer experience bar higher.
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The Mobile App: A Critical Part of Your Omnichannel Strategy

Chances are that most people turn to a mobile app on their smartphone every morning while starting their day, even before enjoying that first cup of coffee. Whether they are checking the weather, logging in their fitness routine, or adding the cost of their Starbucks latte to their weekly budget, it is clear that ‘mobile moments’ spent on apps have become an integral part of our daily routine.

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What Will Customer Experience Look Like In 2017?

Over the holidays, I read two interesting articles about customer experience. The first one, from Forbes, is called “Five Bold Expert Predictions For 2017.” (I am not among these experts, no.) The second article is from Harvard Business Review and called “The Most Common Reasons Customer Experience Programs Fail.” These are admittedly just two articles — there are dozens, if not hundreds, of articles published every day about CX — but if you find the intersection point of the two, you can learn a little bit about what customer experience trend lines might look like this year. Let’s dive deeper.

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