Harness The Power of Predictive Self-Service

Ah, the future…

I marvel at how “the future” occupies so much of our focus, and yet it always looms just out of reach, never really “here” and always “out there.” It’s never quite real, the future; at least, not real like the present is perpetually real. In fact, the present is the only real thing we consistently have.

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Don’t Make Me Wait: The New Era of Customer Experience

As both a professor and chief scientist at AnswerDash, I spend time around two groups of people that couldn’t be more different:

  1. Enterprise marketing, sales, and customer experience executives
  2. Nineteen year-old college students

The first group loses sleep over rising costs, whereas the second just loses sleep.

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How TireBuyer Increased Their Sales Revenue per Visitor by 13% In Only a Few Weeks

Some consumer products require a bigger and longer thought process in regards to purchases than others. One example of these products are tires. Reaching 2.6 billion units in sales in 2016, tires are an integral part of almost everyones daily life whether they own a car or not, yet they aren't often acknowledged until its time for replacements.

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B2B Buyers Don't Want to Talk to You. They Want a Frictionless Self-Service Experience.

Once upon a time, interpersonal interaction was the key to many successful business strategies. But today, things have changed. People’s first demand isn’t interpersonal interaction—it’s convenience.

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60% of Traffic But Only 16% of Sales: Solve the Mobile Web Challenge for Good

The mobile industry is booming and more people than ever are visiting online retailers via their mobile devices. During Q2 of 2016 alone, smartphones accounted for nearly half of all traffic to eCommerce sites, a 10% increase from Q2 of 2015. Overall, more than 50% of traffic to leading US websites today comes from mobile devices, and global statistics on consumer mobile usage and adoption forecast mobile traffic to increase ten-fold by 2017.

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The Competitive Advantage of Integrating Self-Service and Live Chat

Studies show 60% of customers hate waiting longer than a minute for support. We have heard the statistics that live chat increases both conversion and customer satisfaction. Now with the rise of self service technology web self-service use has increased to 76% in 2014, up 9% from 2012, Forrester research data shows. You may be wondering if self-service or live chat is more beneficial to your customers, to that, we say why not both?

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