AI Powered Self-Service in 3 Easy Steps


1. Onboard

Automatically import existing content from your knowledge base and FAQs directly into AnswerDash. We integrate with all the leading customer support systems to make your life easier.

2. Launch

Turn it on and offer contextual self-service support at the point of need across your support channels (web, mobile, Facebook Messenger) without IT-setup.

3. Improve

AnswerDash's self-learning software automatically starts to predict Q&A. AnswerDash analytics provide actionable insights to make content creation and editing a snap



Now sit back, relax and let AnswerDash reduce your support tickets by 30% to 50% and increase sales by 10% to 30%.



Help Island

Help islands, or static FAQs and knowledge bases, force users to leave their current page to get help. This “help distance” causes site abandonment, lost sales and unnecessary support tickets. AnswerDash solves the help island problem by bringing the help content to the user at their point-of-need.   

80 20 rule.png

80/20 Rule

AnswerDash’s AI-powered self-service solution easily handles your customers’ most frequent inquiries - the 80% of low-hanging fruit - so that you can focus your attention on their more complex, personalized queries - the high value 20%.

smart ai powered v2.jpg

Smart / AI Powered

Your customers expect you to know them and their needs. While old-school FAQs and knowledge bases simply provide the same content to everyone, AnswerDash’s  AI algorithms predict users’ needs and present Q&A that’s contextual to the page and personalized to the user.



If your customers have to work to discover your help content, they just won’t find it - so most websites have terrible content engagement rates, frequently less than 1%. AnswerDash removes the friction to transform the self-service help experience, increasing content engagement by up to 30x.