"We have seen a 51% reduction in repetitive customer support tickets just three weeks after launching AnswerDash. Based on this, its evident AnswerDash is a game-changer in online customer support"

Martin Sachs, VP of Operations at PipelineDeals


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AnswerDash’s pricing is based on usage, which we measure according to the number of AnswerViewsthat a customer consumes.  An AnswerView is recorded whenever an end-user receives an answer from AnswerDash on the web, in a mobile app or via chatbot.

 Because pricing depends on the specifics of each customer, including site traffic, complexity of content, deployment channels (web, mobile, chatbot), etc., prices can vary significantly.  For example, while a small customer with a simple website might pay a few hundred dollars per month, a large enterprise might pay several thousand dollars per month.

Our customers can select either of two pricing options, fixed or variable.  Each option has advantages and disadvantages described below.


Under the fixed pricing model, we jointly agree with our customer on an expected annual usage rate and then quote an annual fee for that estimated usage.

  • Advantages: costs are known in advance; no budget surprises mid-year

  • Disadvantages: beginning-of-year estimates could be too high


Under the variable pricing model, our customers purchase AnswerViews in advance with significant volume discounts for larger purchases.

  • Advantages: AnswerViews never expire, so customers get exactly what they pay for

  • Disadvantages: Usage could exceed beginning-of-year estimates, requiring more purchases of AnswerViews mid-year


What you get:

Unlimited Q&A

Popular questions and object search

Ticketing system and KB integration

Live chat integration

Multi-language capability

Mobile support

Dashboard and analytics

Quick-start onboarding

Customers love the results:

30-50% ticket deflection

10-80% live chat deflection

10-30% increased conversion

Up to 18x user engagement

Empowered visitors

Improved CSAT

User insights


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