Empower your customers and cut support tickets 30-50% 

Our self-service tool uses a Predictive Q&A Engine to serve up the right information in the right place at the right time.  Click the tab to see for yourself!



MOO and AnswerDash win globally recognized ICMI Award for Best Use of Technology! 




"The number of our users engaging with AnswerDash proves its value.

- Dan Demas, VP of Customer Success

Benefits our customers are seeing:

Improved Customer Experiences

“AnswerDash is a game changer to our customer service approach. It‘s saving my support team from constantly dealing with repetitive inquiries, allowing them to spend more time with customers needing more personalized assistance."

- Dan Moross, Director of Customer Experience, MOO


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30-50% Fewer Support Tickets

“We've reduced repetitive customer support tickets 51% just 3 weeks after launching AnswerDash. AnswerDash is a game changer in online customer support.” 

- Martin Sachs, VP of Operations, PipelineDeals

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10-30% Sales Conversion Uplift 

“We love AnswerDash – it presents a win-win for our business and our customers.”

Tim Choate, CEO, RedAwning


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Our most popular features:


Unlimited Q&A 


Popular Questions & Object Search 


Ticketing System and KB Integrations


Live Chat Integration


Mobile Support


Multi-Language Capability


Quick Start Onboarding


Dashboard & Analytics

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We integrate seamlessly with:

livechatinc-144.png            Olark - AnswerDash Integration Partner            SnapEngage - AnswerDash Integration Partner        zopim-logo-208.jpg         Boldchat.png

Zendesk- AnswerDash Integration Partner                 Desk - AnswerDash Integration Partner               FreshDesk - AnswerDash Integration Partner

"The AnswerDash integration with our site deflected hundreds of support tickets that would've bogged down our staff and resources in our busiest time of the year. 
Very pleased with their product all around - great service, great support staff, very user-friendly interface, both as an admin and as an end-user. An A+ from this educational nonprofit!"

- Josh at Code.org

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See other case studies:

67% Reduction in Support Tickets

“Because of AnswerDash and its dynamic Q&A platform, we don’t have to hire a new employee to answer the simple questions that are already answered on our website. This means cost-savings for the PetHub business and it means my customer care team is happier."

- Tom Arnold, Founder and CEO, PetHub


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18x User Engagement

"Our customers have told us that they love how AnswerDash improves the discoverability of support content and have told us that no one in the industry is doing anything like this, which sets us apart."

- Dan Demas, VP of Customer Success, Act-On


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13% Increase in Revenue per Visitor

“AnswerDash has helped us understand the types of questions customers have on particular webpages. Most impressive is that we have seen an increased conversion rate on our site by using AnswerDash in our lower funnel.”

Beth Harris, Senior Manager of Product Management, TireBuyer


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