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AnswerDash Self-Service Contextual Answers

Your online users want to help themselves.

AnswerDash makes it happen.


Smart self-service support for websites and web apps

increaseSelf-service answers reduce escalations

Today’s website visitors want to help themselves. Self-service help reduces support escalations, while giving visitors exactly what they want.

improveSelf-service answers increase sales

Instant answers in the flow of your website create great user experiences. Happy visitors become happy customers who buy more.

decreaseSelf-service answers reduce churn

AnswerDash provides contextual answers for your website, minimizing confusion and user frustration that cause customers to leave.

captureSelf-service answers give valuable insights

Learning which answers help your customers in context gives you insight into what they need right where they need it.

Learn how our customers take advantange of this new way to do web self-service support.


We enable our customers to provide selection-based, self-service, point-and-click contextual answers on their websites, web applications, and mobile experiences. Together, we are changing “support” from a cost sink to a profit center.


AnswerDash adds a point-and-click support solution for customers looking for vacation rentals.

RedAwning deployed the AnswerDash contextual help solution to answer common questions. RedAwning saw that giving their visitors answers directly in the flow of their site increased sales conversions by double-digits, while reducing support escalations coming into e-mail and live chat.

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AnswerDash reduces customer service escalations by 67% while providing great customer insights.

As PetHub's business rapidly grew, the company needed to find a solution to scale their customer support capabilities. AnswerDash provides PetHub's customers an easy way to find answers to common questions, while keeping them engaged on the site.

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Here are some of the companies providing great experiences for their website customers by letting them self-serve with AnswerDash's contextual, point-and-click instant answers.


“State of Washington websites strive to be responsive to our constituents. AnswerDash is a tool that enables us to capture the voice of our customer and to serve them better.”
– Michael Cockrill, Chief Information Officer, State of Washington

“AnswerDash allows our visitors to quickly get the answers they need, and teaches us how to improve our site."
– Ezra Siegel, VP of Community, Apptentive


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Today’s web users have a strong desire to help themselves. There are at least five things every website or web application should do for successful self-service, which will turn visitors and trial users into customers. In this guide, our CEO, Jake Wobbrock, Ph.D., shares some of what he has learned about self-service in 13 years of studying how people interact with websites.


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