Grow your business without having to grow your customer support.
This tab reduces support tickets by 60%, allowing your business to grow without a huge support investment.
Just ask one of our happy customers, including:
Here's how it works:
This tab contains point-and-click contextual help for websites and web apps.
Watch our video or try it for yourself on this page. And, check out our e-book to learn more about contextual help.
When your customers get stuck, they click the tab to get answers anywhere on your site.
Supports all modern desktop, tablet, and smartphone browsers.
Try it for yourself!
Click "Q&A" to try it.
If customers can't find the answers they need, they can ask a new question.
You can also integrate with your existing live chat to help your customers connect with you.
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To learn more, read our live chat integration e-book.
By publishing answers to new questions, you'll grow a powerful set of ticket-deflecting, churn-reducing, time-saving, money-making self-service contextual Q&A. question and answer moderation. Content quality tools.
AnswerDash gives you powerful moderation tools to help you quickly manage your contextual Q&A.
AnswerDash fits right into your existing support process. Support email, ticket, and ticketing system integration
Integrate easily with your ticketing system. Use our or app to quickly create contextual Q&A from any Zendesk or ticket.
Our dashboard reveals top Q&A, showing how AnswerDash has saved you time, money, and customers: Analytics dashboard, benefits
Setup is easy:
Add some Q&A.
It only takes a few minutes to get started. You can also sync knowledgebase articles into AnswerDash Q&A with our and integrations.
Decide where the tab will appear on your site and what it should look like.
AnswerDash tab style and customization
Add 1 line of JavaScript and launch!
setup Launch
After you launch, all that's left to do is write high quality, Twitter-sized answers in response to the occasional new question.
Try it!