The AnswerDash AI Self-Service Platform

6 Powerful Product Components

What makes AnswerDash predictive self-service better than the rest? The predictive bit is our secret sauce. AnswerDash can predict your customer questions based on your website page content or user profile before they start a ticket or live chat. Check out all 6 key features.

Intelligent Self-Service

AI Predicts User Questions 3 Ways

Contextual to the Page

Provide instant support that is relevant to the page. No more sending users off page to dumb help islands.

Personalized to the User

Do your users log in? AnswerDash can deliver content that is tailored to their user profile.

Popularized by the Crowd

As your customers interact with AnswerDash, the most popular content dynamically bubbles to the top.

Resolve / Route

Resolve with Self-Service or Route as Needed

Put Self-Service First

By integrating 24/7 self-service with assisted service, your customers always have the choice of helping themselves.

Deflect Tier 1 Tickets

AnswerDash deflects 30-50% of support tickets in 3 ways - Before they have a problem and after they start a ticket or chat.

Easy Routing to Agents

If they still need help AnswerDash easily routes to your agents via your existing ticketing and live chat tools.

Improve Your Customer Experience and Cut Support Costs by 30% - 50%

Mobile App Support

Self-Service Designed for Mobile Apps

Superior Mobile Experience

Customers don't need to leave your app to get help. AnswerDash provides a seamless mobile help experience that is customized to match your brand.

AI for Apps

Our "App States" knows which screen your user is on to deliver help content that is contextual and relevant to the screen and the task at hand.

Easy App Integration

Adding our mobile SDK requires a few lines of code to get your iOS and Android apps ready. Our documentation and dev support will make it easy.

Content Improvements

Self Learning Improves Your Content and Fills in Gaps

Make Your Content Smarter

AI algorithms predict and deliver your content so that it is relevant to each page of your website or personalized to your user’s profile.

Content Collaboration

Work as a team to create new content, edit and review. Assign administrator and moderator roles for each team member. Once approved, publish and go live.

Mind the Gaps

Get suggestions for Q&A content from actual search phrases and visitor queries, ensuring that the most relevant content is added and synced with your knowledge base.

ROI Dashboard

Track Your Success in Realtime

Measure Ticket and Chat Deflection

See up to the minute results of your tickets and chats initiated and deflected by smart self-service.

Monitor Cost and Time Savings

Track your support cost savings along with your customer time savings and agent time savings.

Analytics and A/B Testing

Make Decisions With Confidence

Better Customer Insight

Give your cross functional team insight into what questions your customer are asking, where they are asking these questions and what they are doing next.

Continuous A/B Testing

Continuous A/B testing tools validate ticket deflection, calculates cost savings and more so that you can optimize your self-service performance.

Actionable Analytics

Get real-time data so that you have actionable insight into which content leads to support tickets, abandonment and sales conversions.