AnswerDash Customers Experience an Average Savings of $20K/Year in Customer Support Costs

Website and Web App Self-Service Technology Increases Sales Conversion Rates up to 85% and Reduces Customer Support Ticket Volume by 60%

SEATTLE, Feb. 12, 2105 /Marketwired/ -- AnswerDash, the world's leading provider of contextual point-and-click answer technology for websites and web apps, today released key performance metrics from its early customers, revealing that AnswerDash provides an average cost savings of $20K a year for customer support and an average ROI of $17K per year. The company also revealed a mean conversion rate increase of 41.5 percent and a maximum of 85 percent. AnswerDash provides a first line of defense for handling customer questions to reduce the volume of incoming support inquiries requiring human assistance and allowing customers to get answers at their point-of-action where they are most likely to complete a purchase.

"We calculated AnswerDash's impact on support ticket reduction across our early customer base and examined the average support cost savings, revealing a substantial $20K average cost reduction across all verticals. AnswerDash provides the biggest impact for SaaS customers, with a $32K average cost reduction," said Jake Wobbrock, founder and CEO of AnswerDash. "By answering common and frequently asked questions, AnswerDash reduces support ticket volume by up to 60 percent, allowing businesses to grow without a huge support investment."

Online Self-Service Increases Sales Conversions

According to a separate analysis across eight customers including TireBuyerRedAwning,Apptentive and PetHub, companies that implemented AnswerDash witnessed double-digit increases in sales conversion rates, averaging around 30 percent increases. In particular, PetHub experienced a 24.9 percent increase in sales conversion rate and also a 67 percent reduction in customer support tickets. RedAwning saw a 30.8 percent conversion rate increase, while Apptentive witnessed a massive 53.5 percent increase. After implementing AnswerDash, TireBuyer saw a 13 percent increase in revenue per visitor by deploying AnswerDash in the checkout process. The eight companies who employed the AnswerDash software collected the conversion uplift figures by using A/B testing over a four to eight week time period. The only difference between the A and B variations was whether AnswerDash was visible to web visitors, not whether visitors interacted with the tool. Therefore, the results represent those from a true experiment.

"AnswerDash provides us with a simple-to-use solution to help visitors quickly find the information they need on our website," said Tim Choate, CEO of RedAwning. "AnswerDash proved its worth quickly, too. Using its A/B testing tool, we saw a significant increase in conversion rates. For RedAwning, this means our vacation rental bookings increased by more than 30 percent."

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AnswerDash, the world's leading provider of point-and-click contextual question-and-answer technology, offers businesses tools to improve the online customer experience of websites and web applications. AnswerDash enables companies to deliver instant contextual answers to their customers right where they need them, without typing or switching pages, whether on desktop or mobile platforms. By providing instant self-service answers, AnswerDash increases sales, reduces support costs, and provides valuable customer and product insights for online businesses.

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