AnswerDash Unveils AnswerDash Lite For Website Support Ticket Reduction and Improved Customer Experience

SEATTLE - June 11, 2019 - AnswerDash, a leading provider of self-service support solutions for customers such as Moo, Lenox, and Sennheiser, has announced the release of a new, streamlined AI-powered self-service tool called AnswerDash Lite. This latest version of the company’s AI-powered Q&A software offers a more compact support solution that will help SMBs automate operations, deflect tickets, and reduce their number of support agents while improving their customer service experiences. 

Of the launch, Don Davidge, CEO of AnswerDash, states, “At AnswerDash, we are constantly striving to provide all businesses with self-service experiences that are useful, personalized, easy, and intuitive for everyone involved. AnswerDash Lite helps us open up this capability to more customers than ever before, allowing companies with smaller budgets or technological capacities to take advantage of the latest AI-powered self-service tools - and we couldn’t be more excited.”  

“We launched AnswerDash Lite on our Crutcheze website and noticed an immediate drop in our tier 1 support contacts,” states Chris Hotz, CEO of Crutcheze. “Now when our customers have a question and initiate a support ticket, AnswerDash Lite automatically jumps in and proactively suggests answers to their query or if needed, seamlessly routes the ticket to our agents.” 

AnswerDash Lite integrates and automatically leverages content from the leading 3rd party knowledge bases into the tool, or alternatively serves as a knowledge base. It works by using natural language processing (NLP) and keyword search to create a smart form of search that businesses can overlay on any or all of the pages of their website. AnswerDash Lite helps companies answer their customers’ “tier 1” questions - the simple, repetitive, impersonal questions - thereby deflecting support tickets by 30% or more. This frees up the agents’ time to focus on more complex tasks and improves both user experience and the efficiency of their help centers.   

AnswerDash is currently offering a free 30-day trial of AnswerDash Lite with no credit card required. The service is priced from $95 per month.   

About AnswerDash:

AnswerDash’s AI powered self-service support solution enables companies to empower their users with the right information in the right place at the right time, whether on websites, web apps, mobile apps or via chatbots. With AnswerDash, businesses can transform their digital user experience, while cutting support costs by 30% to 50%, increasing sales conversions by 10% to 30% and dramatically improving customer satisfaction. AnswerDash integrates with the most popular knowledge bases and ticketing systems, including those from Freshdesk, Salesforce and Zendesk to bring knowledge base content directly to the point of action. AnswerDash also integrates with leading live chat providers such as inContact, LiveChat, Olark, SnapEngage and Zopim. Learn more at

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