AnswerDash Leads Customer Support Industry In Ticket and Chat Deflections

The numbers are in, and they’re great.

Recent system-wide data shows that AnswerDash AI-powered self-service customer support deflected 43% of support tickets and 18% of live chats. The results indicate that AnswerDash is the #1 customer support industry leader in ticket deflection. No other tool is more effective in empowering customers to and deflecting tickets than AnswerDash.   This is no small feat, and it can mean major positive business changes for AnswerDash customers.  

Let’s break it down.

The Basics

What Did We Measure?

First thing’s first - what are we even talking about here and how did we measure the data? The ticket deflection rate was calculated by tracking the number of customer support tickets or live chats that were initiated by an end user who then viewed an AnswerDash smart answer and subsequently didn’t need to submit a ticket or live chat to an agent.  

In other words, the customer could not find what they were looking for and started a support ticket. Before they had a chance to submit the ticket to an agent, AnswerDash jumped into action and solved their issue - no agent support required.  

There is another way that AnswerDash deflects tickets that we did not measure. This is called Popular Question deflection. Popular question deflection occurs when a customer cannot find what they are looking for and clicks the AnswerDash Q&A tab. The panel pops open and displays the top 5 questions that are contextual to the page that the customer is viewing. If the user clicks on their question and finds what they are looking for, this may also result in a deflected ticket or deflected live chat long before the user actually starts a support ticket.  

How Does AnswerDash Do It?

Well, the AnswerDash AI algorithms are the most effective in the industry!

Unlike other competitive self-service support solutions, AnswerDash predicts user intent 3 unique ways, based on:

  • Web page content - Q&A that is relevant to the page

  • User profile - if the user is logged-in

  • Crowdsourcing - based on users who have come before

The fact that AnswerDash deflects nearly half of all support tickets means that the algorithms work well and that they are very effective in predicting website visitor needs and solving their problems.

The Benefits

So why does this matter, and what ‘s so great about ticket and chat deflection anyway?  

Help Businesses Meet Customer Expectations

Predictive customer self-service powered by artificial intelligence is perhaps the most powerful and forward-thinking technology you can apply to automate and scale your support operation.  

When your website or mobile app visitors interact with your brand, they want that interaction to be a friction-free, simple and intuitive experience. By helping them answer questions and addressing their concerns - sometimes before they even realize they have concerns - AnswerDash can provide them with exactly that and more.

Streamline Operations and Increase Revenue

On top of that, AI-powered self-service saves money and reduces headaches for the businesses.   

First, AnswerDash reduces the strain on customer support teams. Typically, customer support representatives have to deal with an influx of low-level, repetitive questions. You know, the kind of queries that drive reps nuts. By deflecting 70 - 80% of those low-level questions, AnswerDash Q&A clears the decks and allows your agents to spend their time on more complex, personalized interactions. This not only increases customer satisfaction but also employee satisfaction and the overall skill level of business representatives.

Fewer tickets equal costs saving. While a typical email ticket costs you $10 per ticket and $5 per live chat, a self-service event handled by AnswerDash may cost just 25¢. That’s a big savings.  

Second, AnswerDash automates previously manual processes. Since AnswerDash is dynamic, it is always working to arrange your content to where it is needed the most. And as new questions come in, the system makes it easy to capture, edit and post new queries into the tool. The machine learning process means far less manual labor on your end to manage your content.  

Third, AnswerDash helps you sell more. By helping customers find the answers they’re looking for at their point-of-need, right where they are shopping or even in the shopping cart, AnswerDash helps guarantee that they’re buying what you’re selling and abandoning less.

Prepare For The Future

Old school static FAQs and help centers have been around since 1995 or the beginning of the web. They were old, dumb and frustrating then and they are even more dreaded by today’s customers.  

Customers today expect you to know who they are, what they like, and what they hate. They expect a truly frictionless experience. Now, 25 years later, technology has evolved to the point where you can predict your customer needs based on context and user profile. AI can now power the help experience to remove the randomness and provide answers on-the-spot.  Companies, such as Amazon, Apple, MOO and Skybell have all raised the customer experience bar.  AI-powered self-service is now needed if you’re going to stay in the game.  

This kind of sitewide, AI-powered self-service support platform is a great place to start because it’s cost-effective, focused on the end user, and easy to launch. Without making any changes to your website, it’s a quick win! So what are you waiting for? 

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