The Intersection Between Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction

Think about your experience as a customer. You probably remember the times you were really unsatisfied, and the times that things went really well. If people don’t have a good experience, it affects how they feel today, as well as all future experiences. They’re probably less likely to come back as a customer. 

But there are things that companies can do to directly impact how customers feel—even if something didn’t go well.  

Feedback is incredibly important to listen to from every channel—digital and in person, of course. You must study what the statistics tell you and let them guide your future actions, too.The following graphic provides some great tips for howyou can improve your customer satisfactionto impact your overall customer experience.

How to Make Your Customer Satisfaction Scores Skyrocket Infographic

Just as the infographic pointed out, what better way to improve the customer experience than encourage unfiltered feedback from your customers, and AnswerDash helps you do just this. To learn more about how AnswerDash can impact your customer experience, schedule a demo today.