Use AnswerBase to Bring Your KnowledgeBase Content Onto the Page Where Your Users Already Are

Our engineering and product teams at AnswerDash have been hard at work. We are always looking for better ways to serve up contextual Q&A in new and intuitive ways. We know our customers spend time creating and curating great content and we want to make sure their site visitors—our end users—can easily find it. Usually, our innovative Object Search feature and our Popular Search algorithms steer people to the answers they are looking for, but at times, end users just want to browse all the content available on a page in one organized, elegant screen.

That’s where the new AnswerBase comes in. (Think “knowledge base” but one full of Twitter-sized answers rather than page-length articles.)


We are excited to announce the AnswerBase feature for on-page browsing of Q&A, a great new way for your site visitors to view AnswerDash content. When an end user is browsing Popular Questions and clicks “See all questions,” they will see our AnswerBase overlay appear in the center of the current page. That’s right: unlike every other knowledge base on the market today, the AnswerBase meets your users right where they already are, not off on some “help island” away from their task. Our AnswerBase will show all the Q&A relevant to the current page organized by topic for easy reference. We do this without requiring a lot of extra work from administrators by using all of the Question Groups already present to organize data. (If you’re an AnswerDash customer, your Question Groups are already used to match your Q&A to pages on your site, so using them is a natural step for categorizing content in the AnswerBase. (Just be sure your Question Groups have names suitable for users’ consumption.)

Our AnswerBase will show all the Q&A organized by topic for easy reference.

In the screenshot above, the AnswerBase overlay shows all relevant content conveniently organized by Question Groups. This design makes it simple and easy for end users to browse Q&A.

The Business Benefits of AnswerBase

Although we know a high percentage of end users will find the answers they need via Popular Search and Object Search, there will always be a subset of end users that decide to just browse, often out of curiosity. Having a great user experience for everyone is extremely important to AnswerDash, so we bring content to our end users in a variety of elegant ways. The design for AnswerBase surfaces all relevant Question Groups as topics and then shows the top five questions in each group. Users can then drill down on any group and see all questions with just one click. Our preliminary results show that engagement with help content is increased by 30% with the AnswerBase. Increased engagement with help content means that businesses using AnswerDash will experience an increase in conversion rate and a decrease in support tickets.

Wrapping Up

Users will love the simplicity and power of the AnswerBase; browsing relevant content has never been more convenient. Companies will love the way the AnswerBase increases the discoverability and helpfulness of their content, improving customer satisfaction, deflecting support tickets, and boosting conversions. It’s a win-win that we’re excited to unleash. This is not your grandfather’s knowledge base!

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