Introducing AnswerDash Zendesk Integration for Contextual Customer Self-Service


For most online businesses, 80% of the support ticket volume is made up by just 20% of the most frequently asked questions. Employing a contextual self-service strategy on your website allows customers to get answers to their frequent and simple questions right where they have them, and allows your support staff to focus on high-value customer conversations.

AnswerDash is excited to announce our integration with Zendesk Help Center and our new Zendesk App. AnswerDash for Zendesk makes it easy for you to automatically import Q&A from your Help Center articles and quickly turn any Zendesk ticket into AnswerDash contextual self-service Q&A!

With the AnswerDash for Zendesk integration you can:

1. Write AnswerDash Q&A from any ticket within your Zendesk account 

Answer your frequently asked Zendesk tickets one time and publish as AnswerDash Q&A with the AnswerDash App for Zendesk. The question and answer will show in the AnswerDash Q&A tab on your website. When customers have questions they will click the tab and find the answers in the flow of what they are doing and buying! By allowing customers to self-serve in this way, you’ll eliminate repeat tickets so your agents can focus on high touch customers.

Find the AnswerDash app in the Zendesk Marketplace to install within minutes. From within your Zendesk, view any ticket and look for the AnswerDash app in the right column. Type your answers and hit save. Your AnswerDash Q&A will be published without changing windows. Easy as that!  

Zendesk Agent view, with AnswerDash App and published Q&A:


Customer view, the Q&A in context with the AnswerDash tab:


2. "Bring forward" your Zendesk Help Center articles as AnswerDash Q&A with Zendesk Sync

If you’ve spent time writing great content for your knowledge base, it’s time to make it more visible and more relevant. You can easily import your Zendesk Help Center articles into your AnswerDash Q&A tab, so when the tab is activated, the Q&A appears directly on the pages contextually where your customers have questions.

Log into AnswerDash tools, select Settings and find Zendesk under the Integrations column. From here, simply enter your Zendesk domain name to get started. Once turned on, Help Center syncing will happen automatically every 10 minutes.

Your Help Center Q&A will now be seamlessly displayed in the AnswerDash tab on your website.

Find the Zendesk integration within AnswerDash tools:


Help Center articles will sync to your AnswerDash Q&A tab:

3. Automatically deliver new AnswerDash questions as a Zendesk ticket

Anytime a customer asks a new question through AnswerDash, we’ll deliver it to you as a Zendesk ticket. Answer the question through Zendesk as you normally would. Don’t forget to publish you answer to AnswerDash to allow future customers to self-serve through the AnswerDash Q&A tab.

New questions will show up as Zendesk tickets:


We also have a great integration with Zopim live chat from Zendesk which you can read more about in an earlier blog post.

Ready to get started?