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The great unknown. Sure, it can be exhilarating - just not when it comes to your online business and your customers. Especially in today’s technologically advanced, data-driven culture, the unknown has become unacceptable. Businesses have to know and understand their customers if they hope to find long-term success, and today’s customers won’t accept anything less.

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At AnswerDash, we’ve been helping our customers solve these great customer unknowns, using our AI-powered contextual self-service to predict, understand and answer users questions without a support agent. And we’ve done well, deflecting 30-50% of our customers’ support tickets and improving user “help content” engagement by over 10x.

That said, we noticed that there was still a gap - literally - when it came to unstructured customer queries, or those questions that customers manually type into the AnswerDash search bar when they can’t find the exact information that they’re looking for. The fact that these questions even existed showed us that there was something missing either in the AnswerDash Q&A, in their knowledge base, or on the site itself. At times, users were simply not finding the information that they were looking for and they ended up abandoning a site or submitting a support ticket because of it.  

These unstructured queries represent the unknown unknowns - the questions that businesses don’t even know that their customers might have and the information that they don’t even know is missing. These are the hardest unknowns to find and understanding them could lead to the most game-changing insights.

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 That’s why AnswerDash has launched the Trending Topics feature.

Trending Topics: An Overview

The Trending Topics feature utilizes proprietary machine learning algorithms and NLP to analyze users’ unstructured customer queries and identify common attributes, or common threads among those questions. The tool then clusters similar queries into categories, enabling easy identification of those questions which occur most frequently.

The results are displayed in an easy-to-read visualization that provides data, analytics and actionable insights into what AnswerDash customers can do with this data. The interface is point-and-click and very interactive and intuitive.

In the big picture, this provides AnswerDash customers with insights into users’ questions, empowering them to avoid ticket overload and remedy content gaps on their websites, in their mobile apps and in their knowledge bases. This kind of information will effectively reduce support tickets and cost for all AnswerDash customers.

Trending Topics reveals categories and volume of searches, how they interrelate, where your users are finding answers and where there are gaps

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Digging Deeper: The Details

Let’s dive into the specifics. The tool analyzes two types of queries: searches in the AnswerDash pop-out Q&A search bar that don’t find answers and submitted tickets. The ability to gain insights into these two types of queries leads to two interesting possibilities for AnswerDash customers.

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First, it gives businesses the chance to update their answers and knowledge base. Clearly, if the customers are manually typing into the AnswerDash search bar, it likely means that the information is missing from the AnswerDash pop-up Q&A list. In this case, additional Q&A may be needed. Once added, the knowledge base is automatically updated as well.

Secondly - and perhaps more impactfully - it can also show that there’s a content problem on your website page or that your customer is interacting with your site in an unexpected way.

A great example is an AnswerDash e-commerce customer realized via Trending Topics that they were getting a number of user inquiries in the categories of “next day delivery”, “delivery date” and “delivery options”. The Trending Topics feature was able to identify and cluster hundreds of these queries where users were simply not finding answers or submitting tickets and was able to suggest Q&A content to fill in this gap. As a result, the e-retailer added the question “What are my delivery options?” and watched their unanswered questions on this topic immediately drop.  

In the big picture, AnswerDash users can use the Trending Topics insights to not only improve their Q&A but also to tweak their website or even change their product or service to address customer concerns and interests.

Using the Information: Analytics

To help users make the most out of this information, the Trending Topics tool will not only provide data and analytics but also suggest content and Q&A that you may want to publish. You can edit it, of course, but you will have a sense of what the most representative question might look like.

Finally, when you do create new content or update your site, the tool will track your changes and your new customer questions so that you can see the impact and benefits of your updates in real time. Overall, the Trending Topics tool provides a more efficient, effective way to understand customer inquiries and make large scale improvements to your website - no extra footwork and no more unknown unknowns.

Let AnswerDash's Trending Topics help you Discover Game-Changing Customer Insights

AnswerDash’s Trending Topics feature utilizes proprietary machine learning algorithms to identify common attributes from unstructured customer queries. AnswerDash's predictive Q&A engine enables companies to empower their users with the right information in the right place at the right time, whether on websites, in native mobile apps or via chatbots. With AnswerDash, businesses can transform their digital user experience, while cutting support costs by 30 to 50 percent, increasing sales conversions by 10 to 30 percent and dramatically improving customer satisfaction. Learn more at