Woo Hoo - MOO is an ICMI Finalist for Best Use of Technology

Count down to May 11

Our fingers are crossed (which makes typing this blog especially challenging) to see who wins the highly coveted ICMI Global Contact Center Awards. MOO is a finalist for Best Use of Technology, which will be presented to the contact center that most successfully leverages technology to improve the customer experience. MOO's technology happens to be our Predictive Q&A Engine, and we couldn't be more excited! 

Awards finalists will be recognized and winners announced at the annual Global Contact Center Awards Party taking place in Long Beach, CA on May 11 in conjunction with the ICMI Contact Center Expo & Conference.

So why do we think MOO deserves to win?  It's because MOO gets it: they know that their success is based on each and every customer experience, from beginning to end. MOO aims for every single visitor to feel supported not only through the browsing phase, but also the creation and purchasing process of its products. MOO is truly living its brand through every aspect of its website and customer service efforts.

One example of their commitment to curating a world-class customer experience is their invention of Printfinity. With Printfinity you can print a different photo or design on every Business Card, Sticker, or Postcard in a pack.  Think about the possibilities:  instead of using one business card for every occasion, you can create a wardrobe of business cards to showcase every single product you make, share 365 days of inspirational messages, show progressive images of elephants walking to a watering hole, whatever.


Check out MOO's Printfinity capability and see an example of our technology in action on MOO's site.


Why Winning ICMI is Such a Big Deal

Also known as the International Customer Management Institute, ICMI is the leading global provider of comprehensive resources for customer management professionals - from the frontline agents to executives - who wish to improve customer experiences and increase efficiencies at every level of the contact center. Since 1985, ICMI has helped more than 50,000 organizations in 167 countries through training, events, consulting, and informational resources. 

ICMI recognizes contact centers around the world that most embody contact center excellence. Each year, ICMI's Elite Selection Committee chooses the "best-of-the-best" to honor the contact center's success with their highly coveted ICMI Global Contact Center Awards.

We’re honored that MOO has chosen our Predictive Q&A Engine to help its visitors find the right answers in the right place at the right time. For the nitty gritty on how MOO is amping up its customer experience with AnswerDash, check out our MOO case study. Big shout out to the MOO team and be sure to follow @MOO and @AnswerDash to hear late breaking news from ICMI.