Rapidly Cut Your Support Costs and Boost Conversions with Customer Self-Service from AnswerDash


In today’s highly competitive climate, businesses must offer more channels of communication and faster response times than ever before. Busy customers want access to the latest information anytime, anywhere. When customers are empowered to quickly get answers on their own, the customer experience is improved.

But customer self-service not only satisfies customers, it also impacts the bottom line for a business by decreasing support costs and increasing online conversions. And the outcomes of integrating self-service can come rapidly and be surprisingly effective, just read some of our Customer Success Stories.

Cut your support costs

AnswerDash provides a first line of defense for handling customer questions, reducing support ticket volume by up to 60 percent. We calculated AnswerDash’s impact on support ticket reduction across our early customer base and examined the average support cost savings, revealing a substantial $20K average cost reduction across all verticals. AnswerDash provides the biggest impact for SaaS customers, with a $32K average cost reduction. 


Increases sales conversions

An important goal for any e-commerce or SaaS business is increasing conversion rate as high as possible. But as a business grows, it becomes increasingly more difficult to keep up with customer inquiries and manage a growing knowledge base of questions that agents answer over-and-over. With longer response times and rising frustration levels, customers are more likely to abandon. By employing a website self-service strategy on a website, customers have easy access to instant answers for frequently asked questions at the point-of-action where conversions are made, reducing abandonment.


Companies that implemented AnswerDash witnessed double-digit increases in sales conversion rates, averaging around 30 percent increases. In particular, PetHub experienced a 24.9 percent increase in sales conversion rate and also a 67 percent reduction in customer support tickets. RedAwning saw a 30.8 percent conversion rate increase, while Apptentive witnessed a massive 53.5 percent increase. After implementing AnswerDash, TireBuyer saw a 13 percent increase in revenue per visitor by deploying AnswerDash in the checkout process.