Customer Self-Service: The Gift that Keeps on Giving


AnswerDash would like to wish all of our wonderful customers, partners, colleagues and friends a happy, safe and fun holiday.

To celebrate the season, we wanted to say cheers to the many ways customer self-service technology has enabled the kind of quick and efficient service every consumer is expecting this holiday season. Self-service is truly a "gift that keeps on giving," for both your business as well as your happy customers.

By enabling customer self-service you can: 

1. Resolve your customers’ questions in 24 seconds, not 24 hours. Empower your customers with self-service technology and don't keep them waiting for an email or support ticket response. Help them get answers to their questions before they can even ask you. AnswerDash provides contextual answers for your website, reducing confusion and frustration that cause customers to leave.

2. Learn what your visitors are thinking, and capitalize. Allowing customers to ask questions in context gives you insight into what they were thinking and where they were thinking it. Analytics reveal what, not why. Leverage analytics to learn where your customers get hung up on your website and what concerns may prevent them from becoming a new customer. Quickly see how many visitors have the same issues by tracking which answers they view. This helps you prioritize problems.

3. Scale your business without a huge investment in support. Controlling costs is part of making any online business successful. One of the biggest expenses is supporting your valuable customers. We know that on average, online businesses pay back about 20% of their incoming revenues supporting their customers. A large portion of this expense is the human capital necessary for assisted support: phone calls, emails, live chat sessions, and related. AnswerDash lowers the burden on your support resources and empowers your visitors to do exactly what they want to do: help themselves with instant answers.

Happy Holidays!

- The AnswerDash team