How TireBuyer Increased Their Sales Revenue per Visitor by 13% In Only a Few Weeks


Some consumer products require a bigger and longer thought process in regards to purchases than others. One example of these products are tires. Reaching 2.6 billion units in sales in 2016, tires are an integral part of almost everyones daily life whether they own a car or not, yet they aren't often acknowledged until its time for replacements.

As a young online tire company and part of the largest tire distributor network in the United States, TireBuyer has experienced rapid growth and quickly established themselves as a premier online provider of discount tires and wheels. With the growing demand for purchasing tires online, they needed an effective way to keep up with the overflow of customer inquiries and convert on high value leads, while keeping support costs minimal and not compromising on their promise to deliver award-winning customer service.

With AnswerDash, they did just that, increasing their revenue per visitor by 13%, while efficiently and effectively answering customer inquiries without additional expensive service representatives.

Challenges of the Tire Market

There are many things to consider when in the market of buying tires, especially at discount prices. Paramount to success is speed in turn around in all facets, as someone that is in the need of buying tires is likely grounded in their transportation abilities, and poor service or customer confusion can quickly become a big inconvenience. Also, because most people can't install tires by themselves, they need to work in conjuction with installers, and need speedy service to fit in within their timelines.

With the tires themselves, buyers need to consider safety, brand, fit, type, durability, performance, gas mileage, and many other ratings in regards to tests and specs. Because of all the minute details that can go into buying a tire and the large ramifications they can have, buyers have alot of considerations to navigate through, especially if they are inexperienced. This leads to a need in having proper channels to support these inquiries, and help convert potential customers that are unsure about following through.

Why TireBuyer Chose AnswerDash

To keep up with the growing tire market and keep up with customer inquiries, TireBuyer decided to go with AnswerDash's innovative self-service technology. The reasoning behind this was that they needed to increase their service capabilites without hiring more expensive service agents, while also freeing up the time of their existing agents so that they could be answering more complicated questions close to the point of conversion, rather than repetitive and easily solved inquiries. This allows customers to easily answer their own questions, while TireBuyers service agents dealt with high value conversations with customers near the end of the sales funnel.

In addition, TireBuyer wanted to help customers through the checkout process, guiding them through the steps and ensuring they don't abandon the site in the middle of checkout. Because of all the details involved in buying a tire for a car online, TireBuyer was susceptible to this very problem. By installing AnswerDash on their site, they were able to open a whole new channel of interaction with their customers based on self-service, one that was incredibly efficient and cost-effective, while empowering their customers to help themselves and answer their own questions.


The AnswerDash Effect

After a quick and easy onboarding process, TireBuyer managed to increase their revenue per visitor by a whopping 13%! Not only that, they were able to add additional support channels and implement a self-service solution at minimal costs. With benefits that stark, TireBuyer makes a clear case for companies with complicated or longer sales cycles to invest in AnswerDash's innovative self service solutions.

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