Ten Powerful Reasons to 'Fall in Love' with Customer Success


Love your customers and they will love you back.

Research shows that 70 percent of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. So it's no surprise that nurturing relationships and positive experiences with customers has a significant impact on whether they choose to do business with you, thus having a measurable impact on your bottom line.

Customer success is so rewarding not only because it supports the profitable side of the equation for a business, but also because when our customers are happy... we're happy, too!

Because we love customer success, we're sharing ten powerful reasons why leaders in our customer success community love working at the intersection of creating loyal customers and driving business success.

  1. "Customers are why we exist. Their success is our success. It's not just money. It's two hearts beating as one." - Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ Tweet this!

  2. "I love being able to focus on making the life of a customer easier, better, or more productive. It's a truly fulfilling role." - Flavio Martins, vice president of operations at DigiCert, Inc.

  3. "A human serving a human with a warm heart and an open hand." - Micah Solomon, keynote speaker, consultant, author, forbes.com contributor

  4. "I love that Customer Success forces vendors to ensure customers are getting value from the product. It's in the business model." - Marin Perez, writer at Bluenose

  5. "What I love most is the focus on best practices and training. With customer knowledge comes success for all." - Amanda McArthur, executive recruiter for customer success at TRIADGroup

  6. "I love seeing customers get excited about reducing their costs and increasing their sales at the same time." - Gregg Erickson, head of customer success at AnswerDash

  7. "What I love about customer experience is when handled well it leaves the customer feeling positively amazed by your actions." - Patricia Zeegers, entrepreneur and consultant

  8. "I always love working with agents who understand how to engage with customers and make them feel valued." - Melissa Kovacevic, consultant on customer experience success

  9. "I love putting myself in someone else's shoes and figuring out what they need in THAT moment. And our mission is to create fewer ruined days for customers. I like helping people have better days!" - Jeannie Walters, customer experience leader

  10. "The ability to have a positive impact on a customer’s life, whether for a brief moment or a lifetime." - Adam Toporek, customer service and experience fanatic

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