How PetHub Increased Ticket Deflection Rate with AnswerDash Self-Service


PetHub is an online pet protection company focused on finding lost pets and getting them home quickly and safely. While PetHub has recently made tremendous strides as a business, it started as a small, nimble startup company with only a few employees who had trouble keeping up with an influx of customer service inquiries as demand for PetHub's services grew.

With web traffic doubling, PetHub's customer care manager became frustrated spending her valuable time answering the same customer questions over and over again about information already readily available on the PetHub website, the primary channel for information regarding pet protection products and solutions. She also wanted to make sure all of their visitors' needs were being addressed to maximize site engagement and minimize abandonment.

PetHub's CEO heard about AnswerDash's innovative contextual self-service technology and decided to give it a trial run before making the costly decision to hire new employees to help answer customer questions. The PetHub team was able to deploy AnswerDash in a matter of minutes and began using it immediately, with customers intuitively adding questions on their own. The initial tests were successful and since adopting AnswerDash, PetHub has experienced a 67% reduction in customer support tickets and a 25% increase in their sales conversion rate.

AnswerDash also provides PetHub with important insights into visitor behavior that enables PetHub to make improvements to its website. Some of the icons on the website that the team thought were useful as visual cues to point customers to find specific information were actually creating confusion. By making simple tweaks to these areas of the website, customers could find the information they needed more easily. 


"Because of AnswerDash and its dynamic Q&A platform, we don't have to hire a new employee to answer the simple questions that are already answered on our website. This means cost-savings for the PetHub business and it means my customer care team is happier. Most importantly, AnswerDash helps us focus on helping our customers find their beloved pets," said Tom Arnold, Founder and CEO of PetHub.