The Seven Principles of Millennial-Minded Design for Customer Experience Success


It's important to understand and embrace millennials as a powerful generation for future business success. If your customers are not millennials, they soon will be, so it's time to consider how your customer experience and support solutions map to the millennial mentality.

We can design and adapt customer experiences to how millennials think, act, and feel online. We know that millennials feel competent with technology, regularly self-teach, and value speed, creativity, and self-expression. They are quick to praise or criticize on social media. They will abandon websites in 90 seconds if they can't find the answer they need and are more likely to switch brands after a bad experience. (Source: Forrester)

Here are seven principles of millennial-minded design to help focus your efforts for customer experience success:

  1. Help millennials achieve their goals.
  2. Craft an experience, not just a result.
  3. Treat millennials as capable and competent.
  4. Allow millennials to move fast; give them control.
  5. Keep support at the point-of-action by utilizing context.
  6. Support millennial's individuality through personalization.
  7. Encourage millennials to connect and share, and engage them in the conversation.

Customer self-service maps well to the millennial mentality:

Effective self-service blurs the lines between product use and the support experience by allowing web visitors to remedy their own problems at the point-of-action. AnswerDash offers instant, contextual self-service for websites and web applications to help users get things done. So how do we do on the seven principles of millennial-minded design? We score ourselves a five out of seven!

  1. AnswerDash answers help users get things done. (Check!)
  2. The experience to get answers is quick and easy. (Check!)
  3. Self-service entrusts users to find their own answers. (Check!)
  4. Answers are immediate. (Check!)
  5. Users never leave the page. (Check!)
  6. Personalization is on the roadmap.
  7. Social media tie-ins are on the roadmap.

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